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Gain instant access to Micaela’s collection of over 300+ online workouts + access to ALL of her NEW full-length workout videos!


Access Micaela’s collection of over 300+ kickass online guided workouts. Exercise from home, or at the gym. Workout plans are easy to follow, efficient, and mobile-optimized with videos & audio. It’s like having a trainer in your pocket! No matter what your goals are, Micaela has just the program for YOU! + access the NEW LYB on Demand Full-Length Videos!


Micaela’s meal plans are designed to help you make positive and sustainable changes to your diet. She’ll provide you with the structure & education needed to create lifelong nutritional habits. All 28-day meal plan guides & healthy recipes are included. If you are looking for something more personal, Micaela also does 1-on-1 nutrition.


Interact & receive support directly from Micaela! Yes, that’s right! You’ll be able to consult with a top industry leader who has over 18 years of experience. When you have a question, Micaela will get back to you with specific and personalized advice. Want to jump on a call? Just ask – Micaela is always up for a chat! Send her an email anytime!

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Micaela's Workouts

Are you tired of your boring old workout routine? Need something new to spice things up? Can’t afford personal training? Micaela’s guided workout plans include detailed instructions which include both audio & video. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket to guide you through your workout program.  Whether you want to lose weight, tone-up, get stronger, or learn to run – Micaela has just the program for YOU!  LYB has 300+ workouts, across 13 different programs: MOVE, PLAY, LIFT, HOME, HOME 2.0,  FAST, BUTT, CAMP, WORK & More! When you join, you get EVERYTHING including access to Micaela’s new on-demand workouts (new full-length videos added weekly)! Home workouts, gym workouts, ab workouts, HIIT workouts, circuit workouts, boot camps, butt workouts, bodyweight exercises, 30-day challenges, and more!

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What You Get:

  • 300+ Guided mobile-optimized Home & Gym Workouts
  • Full-length workout videos on Demand – NEW
  • Built-in timer within guided workouts
  • 13 Different FUN & Challenging  programs
  • Interactive calendars detailing what to do and when to do it
  • Creative & versatile workouts – NEVER GET BORED
  • Accessible workouts from mobile, computer, or tablet – cast onto your Smart TV.
  • Over 1000+ exercises in our ever-expanding video library
  • Education on proper exercise form & technique
  • Customize any workout to suit your personal needs
  • Home variations of EVERY workout
  • Printable workout logs & e-books for all programs
  • Printable Nourishment Journal
  • Goal Digger Guide, Affirmations, & Confidence Couture E-Books
  • 28 DAY LEAN Meal Plan Guide: recipes, tips, grocery lists
  • 28 Day VEGE Plant-Based Meal Plan: recipes, tips, grocery lists
  • 28 DAY EATS Guide: recipes, cooking tips, grocery lists
  • Hundreds of easy to make mix and match recipes
  • Continuous education, and body love resources
  • New Weekly Content: Workouts, Recipes, E-Books & More
  • A Facebook community of supportive strong like-minded women
  • 12-Weeks of Member’s Only Newsletters & Support!
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Meet Micaela

Hi, I’m Micaela! Creator of Love Your Bod Fitness. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade now and I have over 20,000 hours of personal and group fitness training under my belt. I’m a certified Master Trainer and Certified by ISSA in Sports & Fitness Nutrition. Over the past 16 years, I  have trained people from many walks of life. From top corporate CEOs to university students, surgeons, athletes, lawyers, bankers, military, and busy moms! Life can be incredibly stressful no matter what you do, and the idea of exercise shouldn’t stress you out more. It’s my job to help ease some of that stress for you – so let me show you how to take your workouts seriously, but lightly at the same time! I’m going to bring the fun back to your workouts! No more dreading going to the gym, no more fad diets, and no more body shaming yourself every time you look in the mirror. I want you to LOVE YOUR BOD and I know that my Love Your Bod workouts can help! Let me help you find exercise sustainability, whole food nourishment, and self-love. Learn More about Micaela!

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