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No matter what shape, size, age, sex, or color you are, you have the right to feel confident in your own skin.
At LYB we’re committed to helping women improve their physical fitness, mental health, and body confidence. Through our fun, creative, and unique online workouts, and community of strong like-minded women, we believe we can help empower you to become stronger on the inside and out


LYB has over 100 unique high-quality online workouts that will provide you with over 12 months of dynamic, engaging programs. You can choose to follow one of our 90-day programs, or you can mix and match your favorite workouts to supplement your current routine.



The LYB EATS 28 Day Program was designed for the active individual looking to make positive sustainable changes to their diet. It’s here that we provide you with structure and education to help you create lifelong nutritional habits.


Unlike other online fitness programs, you’ll be able to personally interact with our certified master trainer Micaela! Send in your questions for our regular Q&A or chat with her in our Facebook Community group!

We're Bringing the FUN Back to Your Workouts!

We’re here to rebrand exercise, and we’re making it playful and fun again!
With workouts such as Oh My Quads Becky!”, “Buck Furpees”, Sweaty Betty, and “Running Harder Than Mascara”, you’ll see that our colorful collection of workouts featuring over 600 different exercises are uniquely challenging, creative, and enjoyable!


Our Approach

Our fitness plans come with detailed instructional videos featuring REAL clients, helping you learn proper form for each movement. Every workout is specially designed to keep members motivated, engaged and excited to get to tomorrow’s workout.

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Our Members Get:

  • Workouts designed for all skill levels
  • Over 100+ unique high-quality workouts
  • Six FUN & Challenging 12-week programs
  • Calendars detailing what to do and when to do it
  • Creative & versatile workout – NEVER GET BORED
  • Accessible workouts from mobile, computer, or tablet
  • Over 600 exercises in our ever-expanding video library
  • Education on proper exercise form & technique
  • Customize any workout to suit your personal needs
  • Home variations of EVERY workout
  • Printable workout logs & e-books for all programs
  • Printable Nourishment Journal
  • Goal Digger Guide, Affirmations, & Confidence Couture E-Books
  • 28 DAY EATS Guide: recipes, cooking tips, grocery lists
  • Hundreds of easy to make mix and match recipes
  • Continuous education, and body love resources
  • New Weekly Content: Workouts, Recipes, E-Books & More
  • A community of supportive strong like-minded women
  • 12-Weeks of Member’s Only Newsletters & Support!
  • Sign-up TODAY for you FREE 7-DAY Trial!

Meet Micaela

Hi, I’m Micaela! Creator of Love Your Bod Fitness. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade now and I have over 20,000 hours of personal and group fitness training under my belt. I’m a certified Master Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, and over the past 15 years, I  have trained people from many walks of life. From top corporate CEOs to university students, surgeons, lawyers, bankers, military, and busy moms! Life can be incredibly stressful no matter what you do, and the idea of exercise shouldn’t stress you out more. It’s my job to help ease some of that stress for you – so let me show you how to take your workouts seriously, but lightly at the same time! I’m going to bring the fun back to your workouts! No more dreading going to the gym, no more fad diets, and no more body shaming yourself every time you look in the mirror. I want you to LOVE YOUR BOD and I know that the LYB Lifestyle can help! Let me help you find exercise sustainability, whole food nourishment, and self-love!

Let’s get to know each other more! Join my Facebook Community Page – It’s here that you can ask me questions and we can actually get to know each other. I’m 100% here to help you reach your goals! When you sign-up for my program you’ll receive over 100+ Fun & Challenging Workouts, Meal Plan Guides, 100’s of Healthy Recipes, Access to a 600+ Video Exercise Library AND tons of ebooks and tools to help you have a better relationship with yourself AND your body!! Join Today and let’s chat about how to make these work best for you! Sign-up TODAY for you FREE 7-DAY Trial!



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