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15 Home Workouts To Try While Self Isolating

15 Home Workouts To Try While Self Isolating

The demand for home workouts has recently skyrocketed due to the government-mandated closures of fitness studios and gyms across the world due to COVID-19 in order to help flatten the curve.

While yes, it’s frustrating for us frequent gym-goers, don’t forget that this is temporary, and there is a LOT you can do from home with using nothing but your own body weight and an old pair of dumbbells.

Over the last several weeks I have been “social distancing” training people from afar with the Love Your Bod workouts. While normally the LYB program attracts mostly women, we’ve seen a surge of new male members too and I couldn’t be happier!


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Our programs really are made for all humans as no matter what your age, sex, gender,  shape, or color you are – you have the right to feel confident in your own skin.

Some of our new members are big burly men who normally can bench press two of me and they can vouch for me when I say that a pair of 10-pound dumbbells have never felt heavier.

You need not fear that you will “lose” everything that you have been working on at the gym. 

Think of home workouts as NEW kind of fitness challenge. Be flexible at adjusting your workout style, and be open to trying new ways to exercise.

If you don’t have a pair of weights at home – that’s not a problem. 

My husband and I have gotten creative and have begun to use various household items to help increase the resistance for some of our exercises. 

A backpack full of heavy books, laundry detergent bottles full of sand, a broomstick, and even our cast iron wok have all been new editions to our home workout equipment. 

While social isolation has been really hard on all of us, I feel like I have seen such a surge in human resourcefulness in our response to this pandemic which I think is awesome, uplifting, and empowering! 💪

I know it can be hard to stay motivated to exercise at home, but I strongly urge you to continue for at least 3 times per week.

My own anxiety has for sure been on the rise since this all began and honestly, getting in my workouts has become vital to my wellbeing and mental health. Keeping a strong mind and body is more important than ever right now. 

So to help you all out, I have created a round-up of 15 of the Love Your Bod home workouts to help get you guys through this difficult time. Try them out and let me know how it goes!! If you are looking to access our full database of over 200 workouts, be sure to join our program – for a limited time, we are offering 1-year access to our programs for just $50. Meal plans and recipes are all included – You cannot get better value than that. Click here to learn more.

15 Home Workouts To Try While Self Isolating

Full Body Home Workouts

Hakuna Tabata 2.0

So Fetch!

Who Gon Stop Me?

Merry Fitmas

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Nama Slay at Home


Lower Body Home Workouts

She’s a Leggy Lady

Hot Cross Buns Of Steel


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Very Cheeky – Home

Upper Body Home Workouts

Bruh-Mance – Home

Ab Home Workouts

Abdominal Snowman

Eat, Sleep, Crunch, Repeat


HITT Cardio Home Workouts

Savage AF

I’m about to Sleigh 🎅

The Freshmen 15 Workout

It’s time for us to adjust our expectations. Working out from home IS possible and we’re here to help you. It’s important that we all do our part to stay at home. The sooner we can get things under control, the sooner we’ll all get to go back to the gym.

By: Micaela Whitworth, Certified Master Trainer & Fitness Nutritionist

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