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8 Body Positive Instagram Accounts That You Need To Follow

8 Body Positive Instagram Accounts That You MUST Follow

8 MUST FOLLOW Body Positive Instagram Accounts

By: Micaela Whitworth, Certified Master Fitness Trainer | May 28, 2020

We Are Affected By What We see

Whether we want to be or not, we are influenced by what we see on a day to day basis. 

The things we see can either have a positive, negative, or neutral effect on us.

This can impact your mood, your confidence, and your feelings of self-worth.

We likely all started off at some point with a base level of self-esteem and our accumulation of life’s experiences either maintained that level or reduced it.

One thing that may have caused some deterioration to your self-esteem and body confidence may have something to do with social media.

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Social Media Can Be Toxic

In a 2018 report by Global Web Index, they estimated that on average, social media users spend 2 hours and 22 minutes online each day globally.

That’s a LOT!

Unfortunately, as humans, we have this nasty habit of comparing ourselves to others. SO – having the ability to peer into the perfectly curated lives of others online can leave some of us feeling pretty crappy about what’s going on in our own lives.


That’s the key here – this is an edited version of the lives that we actually live. 

You must take your social media feeds with a grain of salt. Much of this is curated and is well-crafted marketing especially when it comes to people trying to sell you something.

Studies have shown that the time we spend on social media increases feelings of sadness, depression, envy, and decreases our overall sense of wellbeing.

^ That sucks. Instead of making us feel connected, it can make us feel like our lives, and our bodies just aren’t as good as the ones that we are seeing online. 

That can feel isolating, and like we don’t belong.

Not everyone will feel this way, but many people do.

You need to bring your awareness to this and if this is something that triggers you, you need to take the appropriate actions to control this.

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Social Media Detox

While we can’t always control what appears online in advertisements, you CAN easily stop following accounts that make you feel bad.

You can also choose to limit how much time you spend online thus limiting your exposure.

Also, if an ad pops up that makes you feel ashamed about your body – Just click “hide ad”. You won’t ever have to see that body-shaming ad ever again – yes, you can do that!

Limiting your exposure to social media is an action that you can take right now. So go on now! Go clean-up your social media feeds and make a commitment to spend less time scrolling and more time enjoying the real world that surrounds you.

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Find Positive Influencers To Follow

Once you’ve cleaned up your social media accounts, you may decide that you want to start following new accounts that DO make you feel GOOD!

It’s important to surround yourself with role models, people, and brands who share the same core values as you and who can have a positive influence in your life.

While following glamorous celebrities may be entertaining, there are many who may give you a false sense of reality. Between Facetune, professional make-up and airbrushing – images you see online may appear flawless when indeed that person has just as much acne, stretch marks, and cellulite as the rest of us. 

If you’re spending a lot of time online – find other people to follow who WILL give you a healthy dose of reality & perspective. 

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While we have no association with any of these people, or brands, we feel that by increasing your exposure to women who empower women,  who are body positive and inclusive, can help increase your motivation and make you feel normal and empowered.

While there are many other accounts like this that exist (yay with the changing times!),  these are the ones that I have personally been following for a while who constantly help keep me feeling body-positive & empowered!

8 Body Positive Instagram Accounts That You MUST Follow

1. Knixwear

We are an intimate apparel brand on a mission to inspire all women at every age to live unapologetically free✨

Why We Love Following Them:

Not only does Knix make kick-ass intimate wear, but they also are helping to normalize the female body. Once you begin to follow accounts that normalize & celebrate women’s bodies at all ages, shapes and sizes it can be so liberating and empowering to realize that your body is NORMAL and it’s BEAUTIFUL just as it is right now.

They are such an empowering company – Female driven & Canadian – We 💖 H E A R T them so much!

2. Jameela Jamil

Feminist-in-progress. Check out my other Instagram account @i_weigh it’s part of my revolution against shame. ❤️ she/her

Why We Love Following Her:

While you may recognize Jameela from The Good Place – this woman is just plain good people. I also highly recommend that you follow her other account too!

Jameela is an advocate for inclusiveness and in her spare time tries to take down companies (and other celebrities) that shame women’s bodies, or that are selling harmful diet products to youth. She’s a complete badass and not one to mess with and speaks openly about her struggles with eating disorders & body dysmorphia. More recently she also came out as genderqueer and advocates hard for gender inclusiveness as well. She also refuses to be airbrushed – god love her! Why aren’t more celebrities like her? She’s using her voice is the best way that you possibly can as a celebrity. I can’t imagine that being an easy thing to do to go against the grain in Hollywood. She’s such a role model to me and a great person to follow. 

3. Sarah Nicole Landry

A journal of life & love after massive change.  Mother | Writer | Creator | Speaker 🇨🇦  🎙host @thepapayapodcast!

Why We Love Following Her:

Why We Love Following Her:

Aside from the fact that she is another Canadian boss babe – you may not ever find a more candid Instagrammer out there. This chick is the real deal. Sarah talks about her own journey & struggles towards body appreciation and often bares all for the camera showing us her post-baby body without filters. She is beautiful inside and out – an empowered woman empowering women and we love her for it! She also has 51 episodes of her podcast – this is where she shares her wisdom and interviews people who also have great stories to share. 

4. Meg Boggs

my raw, honest truths & a whole lot of love. writer | athlete | activist | mother ♡ #thankyoubody

Why We Love Following Her:

Meg is FIERCE. Plain and simple. This woman speaks her mind and it’s awesome. I love following Meg because I feel like she is helping break the stigma that “fit” is supposed to look a certain way. Meg is fit AF and is constantly inspiring others to exercise. She struggled with body acceptance postpartum and is helping other women find love and appreciation for their post-baby bodies too. I love her tagline #thankyoubody which is her way of expressing thanks to her body.  Expressing gratitude towards your body can go a long way when trying to find body love and acceptance. I can’t say enough great things about this woman – If you need some motivation – she’s a MUST follow! 

5. Christine Larainee

Vancouver, Canada🌲🇨🇦 ☆ ex-varsity athlete⚽️ ☆ Bachelor of Kinesiology🏋🏼‍♀️ ☆ body love♡ self love♡ potatoes

Why We Love Following Her:

Okay, yes, I chose yet another Canadian babe, but hey – you gotta represent 🍁! I have been following Christine probably for a year or two now and honestly feel like she’s an old friend. She’s super down to earth and speaks openly about her own journey of body acceptance, all while sporting super cute trendy outfits and swim attire  (I bought this exact same red onesie swimsuit because of her!). She is constantly putting out positive vibes with her sunny disposition and stays open about how she is feeling day to day. Pretty sure I’ve liked ALL of her posts by now (stalker much?) and I know you’re going to love following her too. I’ve actually found so many awesome body positive accounts because of her! She’s a total must follow!

6. Jessamyn Stanley

My Joy Is My Resistance. #blacklivesmatter |HBIC. @theunderbellyyogam | Author. #everybodyyoga |Podcast. @dearjessamyn | Advocate. @wegohighnc

Why We Love Following Her:

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher and body positivity advocate. Jessamyn uses vinyasa flow as a way to move past mental and emotional barriers. Her classes provide a body-positive approach to yoga which celebrates students’ bodies and encourages them to ask “How do I feel?” rather than “How do I look?” when practicing yoga. I’m not much of a yogi myself as I’ve just never been very good at it, but watching Jessamyn practice makes me want to move my body in the same expressive and empowering ways that she does! Yoga has so many positive bennefits to our mental health and I think she is a person to look up to both as a yogi and a bopo advocate.

7. Aerie

The #AerieREAL mission is to empower all women to love their real selves. Retouching free since 2014.

Why We Love Following Them:

Aerie has always been ahead of the time when it comes to normalizing women’s bodies. They were one of the first #bopo pioneers who decided – hey, retouching the photos of the women in our ads just isn’t for us anymore... that was in 2014! 👏 Go Aerie – You helped pave the way for other companies towards doing the same. Aside from having some awesome bras, undies, and swimwear they help spread body-positive vibes! They also spread the love by posting photos of women who also have body positive accounts. 

Oh ya… I Almost Forgot About ME!!

8. Micaela Whitworth, Love Your Bod

Founder of Love Your Bod 💖 Keep’n it real. 250+ Home & Gym Workouts | Meal Plans | Body Confidence| Empowerment ✊

Why You Should Follow ME!

With Love Your Bod there are no “before” and “after” photos. Why? Because to me, you are not a “before” to me. While fitness marketers will tell me I’m making a huge mistake (and they constantly do 😑) I disagree. My programs are amazing and our members see great results, but we like to think of the aesthetic benefits as a bonus side effect of the bigger work that we’re doing. I’m here to help you build sustainable exercise into your life and show you how to have FUN with your workouts. You’ll notice lots of other women in my videos too – these women aren’t paid fitness models, these are my real clients and friends. As we move forward I want to continue to show as much body diversity as I can. Thin, thick, muscular, and everything in between – I want to be able to show that there is no one size FIT all. Exercise is truly for EVERY body! Come join me in my quirky world where we move our bodies so that we can FEEL GOOD! 

Surrounding yourself with other like-minded women and positive female role models is important for all of us. Together we are stronger. I swear to you though – cleaning up your social media and following more women like this can really change the experience you are having online. If you’re going to be scrolling your feed – you might as well peer into the lives of these amazing women!

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