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Abdominal Snowman Ab Workout

Abdominal Snowman Ab Workout

There’s only one way to chisel up those abs over the holiday season and it’s going to take balls!

Exercise balls!

Today’s ab workout is brought to you by frosty the jacked snowman and is an AMRAP “As Many Rounds as Possible” workout.


Set your timer for 15 minutes and complete as many sets as you can within those 15 minutes. Rest as needed, but try your best to keep pushing. We know you got this!

Complete one set of each exercise inside the circuit before moving on to the next.  Once you reach the end, go back to the top of the circuit.  Repeat as many times as indicated before moving on.

If you are finding the workout to be too difficult, decrease your reps for each exercise and work your way up as you progress each week. Alternatively, if you’re finding it too easy, increase your reps.


Perform this home ab workout on non-consecutive days 3 times per week or fit it into your current exercise routine to spice things up!

Equipment Needed: Ball, Mat

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Click Here to be taken to the full Abdominal Snowman Ab Workout (No Equipment Home Version Available too!


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