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Eat, Sleep, Crunch, Repeat – 15 Minute Home Ab Workout


15 Minute Home Ab Workout

Here’s our FAVORITE Home Ab Workout!

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We know there is more to life than crunches, but RIGHT NOW is all about getting them in! And did we say Repeat? Because this is actually a ONE set program! That means you don’t repeat anything! Whew! You’re welcome!

If you’re looking to target your abdomen for weightloss or sculpting,  make sure you finish with 20 minutes of HITT Cardio. Fat loss is a combination

Do this 3x a week combined with a calorie-reduced diet and you are bound to see great results in about 6 weeks! Be sure to tag us in the #eatsleepcrunchrepeatchallenge

It’s time to get in shape from the comfort of your own home without the use of any equipment! Remember, if you’re looking for a weight loss fitness program, the combination of NUTRITION, cardio and exercise consistency will be the key to reaching your fitness goals.

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Complete one set of each exercise inside this giant 12 exercise circuit before moving on to the next.  Once you reach the end, you can move on to doing some cardio – OR, we challenge you to do it twice!! 💪

If you are finding the workout to be too difficult, decrease your reps for each exercise and work your way up to the full 20 reps as you progress each week.

Alternatively, if you’re finding that it’s too easy, go for more reps on each exercise!

Alternating Oblique Butt Taps Gif - Home Ab Workout

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Perform this home workout on non-consecutive days 3 times per week or fit it into your current exercise routine to spice things up!

Equipment Needed: Just your body weight and a good yoga mat.

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Click Here to be taken to the Eat, Sleep, Crunch, Repeat Workout Page or enjoy our follow-along video below!

Be sure to try this workout from your mobile phone or tablet!

Best Ab workout

Or follow along with this video instead!


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Want to jump-start your fitness? Join our FREE 30-Day Workout Challenge. No Equipment Needed

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