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FRÉ Skincare Honest Review

FRÉ Skincare Honest Review

FRÉ Skincare Honest Review

If you’ve been following me for some time, it must come as no surprise to you that skincare is a bit of a hobby of mine, and more so lately, you’ve been likely hearing me rant and rave about FRÉ specifically.

I first became OBSESSED with skincare in high school when I started to experience good ‘ol fashioned teenage acne. I was INCREDIBLY self-conscious of my skin! Thank GOODNESS bucket hats and visors were cool back then because most of my acne was on my forehead and I could easily cover it up with a hat whenever possible.

I tried all of the usual things to help me get rid of my acne: salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, proactive, birth control pills, face masks, even tanning😲 – You name it, I tried it.

I continued to have acne well into my late 20s, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was in high school, but my quest to find the perfect skincare system continued.

A few times throughout my 20’s I also had some issues with cystic acne, although in the end it self-resolved – I’m pretty sure I fought my best skincare battle yet.

Now as a woman of the age of 35 now, my skin worries are much different. I FINALLY don’t have to worry about acne anymore – Yay! BUT, I have new skin woes.

My new adult skin issues:

❌ Dry Scaly Patches – nose and between brows

❌ Redness & Bumps on my Cheeks/Nose (recently determined by a dermatologist that this is a type of rosacea)

❌ Dehydrated Skin (I also live in a dry, cold climate)

❌ Sensitive Skin

❌ A dark spot on my forehead – suspected Melasma

Over the last 3 years is when I really started to notice the redness and dryness get a lot worse and all of the products that I was using before, just seemed to aggravate my skin even more.

So I kept buying new products in hopes that I would find something that wouldn’t aggravate my skin.

^ This is just a fraction of what I’ve tried over the last few years. Is there an app yet where you can swap skincare products with other people in the same boat? There should be!!

I was down to mostly just using water to wash my face and was using vaseline at night to try and calm down my angry skin. Which to be honest, wasn’t really working well for me at all.

^ Me after I used a “gentle” makeup remover. My skin apparently disliked it. Sometimes my flair-ups are better or worse than this, so I really have to be careful with what I use.

It’s frustrating to have spent so much money on so many different products, but I honestly couldn’t find a solution for my angry skin.

While I was set to meet with a dermatologist, a girlfriend and I were out one night catching up over margaritas and she started to go on, and on, and ON about FRÉ Skincare which is specifically made for women who sweat!

I had heard of them before but didn’t really know a lot about them, but now I was intrigued since I had a friend vouching for and praising their products.

Although I was intrigued, I was also super skeptical because I didn’t want to once again try yet ANOTHER product only for it to sit in a drawer and collect dust.

So, I began to do my research about the company and their products and I was really liking what I was seeing about the company itself. Also – I found out there’s a 100% money-back guarantee on the set I wanted to try, so I decided – what they hey! If my friend loves it so much, maybe I will too, and if my skin doesn’t like it, i’ll just send it back.

I originally tried their 1-2-3 FRÉ set which is a 3 step routine that fights sweat-induced damage, dehydration, breakouts, redness, and aging.

^ ALL things I need help with.

With the set you get a hydrating cleanser, a deep replenishing serum, and a light moisturizer with SPF.

I honestly loved the way it felt on my skin right from the get-go but only time would tell if my skin really felt the same way as me.

So I waited a few months before I decided to finally publicly declare my love for FRÉ.

FRÉ Skincare Honest Review

Reasons Why I Love Their  1-2-3 FRÉ Set

✔ MUCH more affordable than the other products I was using

✔ My sensitive skin stayed beautifully calm

✔ My dehydrated face started to liven up again

✔ My Rosacea did NOT flare up!!!!!

✔ My dry patches improved

✔ They all smell amazing!

✔ Vegan & cruelty-Free

✔ 30-Day money-back guarantee

^^ Left photo = angry skin from other cleansing products, Right photo I had just used the cleanser and had the detox face mask on for 10 minutes.

Not only did I find myself loving their products, but I was really started to fall in love with the company as a whole. When you buy a FRÉ Skincare set they will plant an Argan tree, also known as the “Tree of Life”, to help replenish the endangered Argan forest in Morocco, and support the women who harvest the Argan oil.

A HUGE part of this company is all about empowering women, and I feel SO fortunate to now be apart of the FRÉ family of ambassadors. They are super supportive of seeing women flourish in business & in fitness and I am so proud and happy to support their products.

I normally don’t align myself with other brands or products, but FRÉ is brand than I am super happy to align with, and it’s because it’s made such a big difference for me and in the lives of many other women. I promote FRÉ because I LOVE IT, not because I’m being paid to say I love it.

These are now all of the products that I use from FRÉ :

That being said – they have many more amazing products to choose from, this is just what works best for me personally!

The last thing about them that I LOVE is that I get my very own code that I am able to share with my followers!!

Use my code: LOVEBOD for a 25% discount at any time + If you’re lucky, sometimes my code has even EXTRA benefits if you catch them during a promotion!

Click here if you would like to learn more and shop FRE!

I hope you love it as much as I do!!

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