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Free 30-Day Beginner Home Workout Challenge

30-Day Strength + HIIT Cardio | Workouts Delivered Daily Into Your Inbox | No Equipment Needed | Get Fit From Home

Free 30-Day Beginner Home Workout Challenge

By: Micaela Whitworth, Certified Master Fitness Trainer | May 19, 2020

Free Beginner 30-Day Fitness Challenge Home Workout Calendar

It’s time to get excited as marking your workouts complete ❌ on your calendar is oh so ever satisfying! Let the 30-day fitness countdown begin!!

There are THREE variations of the challenge:

The 30-day BEGINNER home workout challenge 

5 days a week of beginner home 30-minute workouts. 3 days are focused on full-body strength workouts and 2 days will be cardio-core HIIT workouts.

Free Beginner 30-Day Fitness Challenge - 30 Minute Workouts

The 30-day INTERMEDIATE home workout challenge

5 days a week of intermediate home 30-minute workouts. 3 Days are focused on full-body strength workouts and 2 days will be cardio-core HIIT workouts for your first two weeks.

For your last two weeks, you’ll switch to 2 lower-body/core strength days, 2 upper-body/cardio strength days & 1 cardio-core HIIT day.

Free Intermediate 30-Day Fitness Challenge - 30 Minute Workouts

^^ Click to learn more & register for the Intermediate challenge

When you register for the MOVE challenge, BOTH workout programs are emailed to you daily. 

The 30-day ADVANCED home workout challenge

5 days a week of advanced home workouts. 2 Days are focused on lower-body strength workouts and 2 days will be focused on upper-body strength workouts, + you’ll have 1 cardio-core HIIT workout per week.

Our goal for you within the next 30-days is to help you push you to the next level of fitnessEach session is approximately 45-60-minutes long and is comprised of exercises that require a pair of dumbbells, a loop band, and your own body weight. That’s It!!
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Exercise Sustainability

Our goal for you within the next 30-days is to help you build a sustainable exercise habit 5-days per week. Each session is approximately 30-minutes long and is comprised of exercises that require limited to no equipment.
Once you register, you’ll immediately begin to receive your workouts daily, right to your inbox.
But how much does this cost Micaela?

Nothing my friend! 😁 This challenge is absolutely FREE!

You’ll get to try lots of new and creative workout programs and you’ll learn how you can easily move your body from home without any equipment.
The beginner 30-day fitness challenge includes workouts such as: Rock Your Body & Bangarang, & even one of my personal favorite core workouts, Eat Sleep Crunch Repeat.

Ready to sign-up? Join our FREE 30-Day Workout Challenge Here. No Equipment Needed


What You’ll Need For Equipment:

  1. Cans or Waterbottles. If you happen to have a pair of dumbbells already lying around, or want to order a pair of 8-10 pounds weights, they won’t go to waste. That being said, dumbbells are not required. You can opt to use some water bottles or even canned goods for anything that you feel you need additional weight for. If you want to increase the weight of your water bottles, use bigger bottles and/or fill them with beans, rocks, or sand.
  2. Towels. For a few exercises here and there will require the use of towels. Just grab a couple of old cleaning rags. 
  3. A Chair, Couch, or Coffee Table. Whatever you use, just make sure that it’s sturdy.

Who’s This 30-Day Challenge For:

Our programs really are made for all humans as no matter what your age, sex, gender,  shape, or color you are.

You’re a good fit for the beginner challenge program if you: 

  • Are new to exercise and consider yourself to be a beginner
  • Have exercised in the past, but have had an extended absence from exercise
  • Don’t have any exercise equipment at home
  • Anyone who is short on time and can’t fit in more than 30-minutes of exercise per day
  • Anyone who wants to kickstart their way to a new and sustainable exercise habit

If 5-days a week still seems like too much for you, follow the same program for just 3-days per week instead and focus your efforts towards the full-body strength days. 

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What You Get With The 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Daily 30 minute home workouts delivered to your inbox daily

When you register, you’ll begin to receive your free daily workouts right away. All mobile-optimized workouts will be delivered directly to your inbox! No Equipment Needed!

You can choose to follow-along with Micaela with the full-length workout videos, OR – You can choose to do the self-guided mobile-optimized version which includes video demos & a timer!

A 4-week healthy meal plan guide ebook & journal

For best results, we recommend that you follow our meal plan guide to help you make healthier and more nourishing nutrition choices. Better nutrition = better performance = better results!

How to Follow the 30-Day Home Workout Plan

  1. Register for the 30-day fitness challenge here
  2. Begin to receive your workouts daily starting the day after you register
  3. If you want to print your full schedule: 30-day fitness challenge calendar love your bod fitness
  4. Be sure to share your workouts with me on social media so that I can cheer you on @loveyourbodfitness

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Want to jump-start your fitness? Join our FREE 30-Day Workout Challenge. No Equipment Needed

Free 30-Day Fitness Challenge 30 Minute Workouts for Beginners