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Happy New Rear Workout

Happy New Rear Workout


🎵We wish you a merry fitmas, we wish you a merry fitmas, we wish you a merry fitmas and a happy new REAR! 🍑🤣

Yes – You guessed it! Today’s workout is all about your booty! Today we will be doing a variation of pyramid training so you’ll notice the rep scheme may be different from what you’re used to.

You’ll be setting up each circuit with 3 exercises with your 1st exercise being the heaviest with the least amount of reps. The second exercise will go down in weights, and a bit higher in reps. Then, your last exercise will be the lightest in weights, but highest in reps.

If you don’t have a full weight stack at home, that’s okay – Just use the weights that you have and do more reps on any exercise that you find too easy!


For your circuits, complete one set of each exercise inside the circuit before moving on to the next.  Once you reach the end, go back to the top of the circuit and repeat as many times as indicated.

Rest for 1-2 minutes at the end of each circuit.

If you are finding the workout to be too difficult, decrease your reps or weights for each exercise and work your way up as you progress each week. Alternatively, if you’re finding it too easy, increase your weights or reps.


Perform this workout on non-consecutive days 3 times per week or fit it into your current exercise routine to spice things up!

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Barbell, Bench – *Optional: Loop Band, Ankle Weights

If you don’t have a barbell or bench, Click the HOME button for a version with less equipment!

Happy New Rear Workout PREVIEW👇👇



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