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Hot Sauce Burpee Exercise

The Hot Sauce Burpee

O.M.G. BECKY – What the frig is this? As if burpees needed to get ANY harder.

Welcome to the very spicy Hot Sauce Burpee 🌶🥵!

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What’s Happening

Well, basically a burpee, a tuck jump,  and a plank tuck had a baby. They named it Hot Sauce Burpee!

Level: Advanced. You should be able to master those 3 moves separately before you put them all together.

Equipment: No Equipment, Body Weight. 

Muscles Used: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Abs, Back, Delts, Pecs, Triceps

Caution: Wrist, Back, Knees

How To Do The Hot Sauce Burpee

  1. Begin from a high plank position with your core contracted.
  2. Bend your knees and then jump up reaching your knees in towards your chest.
  3. Think of pushing the floor away from you and quickly thrust your feet back in your high plank position.
  4. Next, jump your feet up towards your hands and perform 1 tuck jump.
  5. Reach down towards the floor again, jumping your feet back to your high plank position and repeat.


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By: Micaela Whitworth, Certified Master Trainer & Fitness Nutritionist