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Oh Hi! 😊 Meet Our Online Workouts & Programs

Meet Our Online Workouts & Programs

MOVE – PLAY – LIFT – WORK – HOME – PACE ( + FAST Coming Soon!)

It’s true what you’ve heard – at Love Your Bod we have a LOT of online workouts & programs. You may be thinking to yourself “well where the heck do I begin?”

The LYB workout programs have been divided into SIX unique 12-week fitness programs, giving you over an entire year’s worth of workouts and schedules. You can choose to follow them in sequential order by using our monthly schedules or for more experienced exercisers, you may decide to bounce between the programs and use the workouts as you please. It’s not necessary to follow them in sequential order, but the workouts do become progressively more difficult so if you’re new to exercise, we suggest you stick to following the schedule, for now, to ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts. When you become a member you gain access to ALL of our programs and workouts!

So without further adieu, we’d like to introduce you to …


LYB Move Gif - Crossover Squat to Squat Online Workouts

Level: Beginner

Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench/Chair, Timer, Resistance Band, Stability Ball

Optional Equipment: Loop Bands, Bosu Ball

LYB MOVE is designed to build your exercise knowledge and foundational strength. During this 12-week program, you will learn fundamental exercise movements and build a base of knowledge to ensure you are successful in your fitness journey.  You’ll be strengthening your entire body with 3 full-body workouts per week, maintaining a focus on improving your posture and core to help prepare your body for our more demanding programs. This is a great program for anyone who is new to exercise or for anyone who has been absent from the gym for a while. At the end of the 12-weeks, you’ll feel stronger and have more confidence with exercise!

Workouts Include: Gym & Tone It, Rise & Grind, Hard Core, Fit Happens, Happy Hour, Abs Don’t Grow on Trees, Nacho Average Circuit, Beach Please!, Ab-Surd

Click Here to try the Gym & Tone It workout from this plan


Online Workouts - LYB Play - Single Leg Ball Tuck

Level: All Levels      Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench/Chair, Timer, Barbell, Ball

Optional Equipment: Loop Bands, TRX, Ankle Weights, Kettlebell

This program was designed for people who love fast-paced, high-intensity workouts with lots of exercise variety. Within LYB PLAY, we utilize many different compound movements, plyometrics, and bodyweight exercises, ensuring the workouts are engaging and challenging. Each month we explore new and creative styles of programming that will keep your workouts fresh and interesting. With LYB PLAY you’ll be strengthening and improving your endurance with 3 weekly full-body training sessions per week, and 2 core workouts per week. These are some of our most creative programs. With LYB PLAY, you will never get bored. Variety is the name of the game here!

Workouts Include: Nama Slay, Get It Girl, AbTastic, Sweaty Betty, All About Them Weights, Girl Crushing It, Ay Caramba, Abs-olutely, Bend & Snap, Hot Mess, Anger Management,

Click Here to try the Nama Slay workout from this plan.


Online Workouts - LYB Lift Gym Workouts for Women

Level: Intermediate/Advanced      Equipment: Gym Membership

LYB Lift is a progressive lifting program designed to help you become stronger and more confident within a gym setting.  Get prepared for a sculpted body as you’ll be lifting weights 4-5 times a week.  At the end of the 12 weeks, you will feel more comfortable with barbells, cable machines, and various other gym equipment.  You’ll also be experimenting with low/high volume training straight sets, pyramids, and circuit training.  If your regular workout routine doesn’t include weightlifting, we highly recommend that you start adding some LIFT into your life, as this is often the missing ingredient to finding that “tone and definition” that you’ve been longing for.  These are incredibly empowering workouts and you’ll love the results! LIFT programs are best completed within a gym setting as you’ll need a large variety of weights. Don’t worry though – we still have our Home variations for each workout for the days that you just can’t make it there.

Workouts Include: Oh My Quads Becky, Son of a Bench, Going Ham, Kiss My Biceps, Abracadabra, Deadlifts & Chill, Suns Out Guns Out, 1 2 3 Floor, Let’s Hit The Bar, Irony, You CAN Squat with Us, Curls for the Girls, The Joy of Flex, Oh For Fox Sake Legs Again?, I’ll Lift What He’s Lifting

Click Here to try the Oh My Quads Becky workout from this plan.


Lyb WORK Online Workouts Advanced

Level: Intermediate/Advanced     Equipment: Gym Membership

LYB Work is designed for the seasoned exerciser who is looking for new and creative ways to challenge their body. Think of LYB WORK as a jazzed up combination of LIFT & PLAY where each month is entirely different. In the first month, you’ll complete a 4 day split training program. Next, you’ll back off from the heavy lifting and challenge your endurance with high-intensity Tabata and Circuit Workouts. In your final month, you will really test your body with our demanding 10×10 workout. Yes, LYB WORK IS work, but you’re going to love how well it works!

Workouts Include: Very Cheeky, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns, I’m Fonda This Workout, 3 6 9 You Gotta Be Out Of Your Mind, Reh-Ab, Hakuna Tabata, As If, Cardio is Hardio, This Workout Cray, Eat Sleep Crunch Repeat, Squat Goals, Buck Furpees, You Glow Girl

Click Here to try the Very Cheeky workout from this plan.


LYB Home - Online Workouts for Women at Home No Equipment

Level: Intermediate       Equipment: 5-10-Pound Dumbbells, Timer

LYB HOME was designed for people who want to rock out their workouts in the comfort of their own home, outdoors, and for people who frequently travel. If you hate going to the gym or don’t have a ton of equipment to work with,  this program may just be the perfect fit for you! HOME is fast-paced, creative and boasts of high intensity. Each week you’ll be doing 3 full-body workouts and 2 challenging ab routines. For the first month, you’ll need no equipment at all – just a yoga mat and your body. For the following months, we recommend a pair of 5-10-pound dumbbells – That’s IT! HOME is also a great program for people who workout at busy gyms where equipment is hard to come by.

Workouts Include: Nama Slay at Home, Let’s Get Physical, Eat Sleep Crunch Repeat, No Gym For You!, Yas Kween, Ab’s Don’t Grow on Trees, Game of Tone, 1 2 3 Floor, Fittest on of All, The Struggle is Real, Abracadabra, Stronger Than Yesterday, 4 to the Floor, When Push Comes to Lunge.

Click Here to try The Nama Slay at Home workout from this plan.


LYB Pace - Learn to Run Online Workouts

Level: Intermediate      Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench/Chair, Timer, Barbell, Ball

Optional Equipment: Loop Bands, TRX, Ankle Weights, Kettlebell, Medicine Ball, Bosu Ball

So, you’ve decided that you to want to learn how to run! That’s great news! We’re so excited to be able to help you with your goal. Learning to run is a time commitment and to improve each week, you must be running regularly. With our program, we recommend running 3 times per week. Each run will last between 30-70 minutes, gradually building your run time over a 12-week period.  We hope you love the program as much as we do!

Workouts Include: Running Harder Than Mascara, Who Run The World – Girls!, Cool Runnings, Your Pace or Mine, Run Forest Run, Do these Shorts Make Me Look Fast?

Click Here to try the Running Harder Than Mascara workout from this plan.


LYB FAST - 20 Minute Fi

Level: Intermediate      Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench/Chair, Timer

LYB is about to launch its 7th complete 12-week program called FAST. LYB FAST is for busy people who are looking for quick home workouts with minimal equipment! These workouts are short and INTENSE, with each month progressively becoming more challenging. Each workout is an AMRAP or short circuit workout lasting no more than 20 minutes. Don’t be fooled by the short timeframe, these workouts are SERIOUS. Full body, head-t0-toe,  prepare to work harder than ever before! LYB FAST are workouts you can do from ANYWHERE – home, the gym, or even outdoors. Each week you’ll complete 5x 20-minute workouts!

Workouts Include: Beauty In Beastmode, Savage AF, Sorry – Not Sorry, No Plank You, yABadABadoo, Legs for Days, Push It Real Good, HITT Them with Your Best Squat, Twist & Shout, Squatters Gonna Squat, Pump It Up, Don’t Sweat It, She’s a Maniac, Drop It Like a Squat, Get Your Rear in Gear, This Workout is alARMing 💪

Click Here to try the SAVAGE AF workout from this plan.

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