Love Your Bod was born to stand out from the rest!

With our online workouts and community of strong like-minded women, we believe we can help empower you to become stronger on the inside and out. We’re going to give you the tools you need to help you reach your fitness goals and while we’re at it, we’re going to empower the f**k out of you to love yourself just as you are right now. With LYB there are no “before and after” photos, no paid fitness models, no paid supplement partnerships, and no lies. We promote ethical fitness practices and we want to help provide you with kickass online workouts and sustainable whole food nourishment. We believe that you already have a “bikini body” because you HAVE a body.

It's Time to End That Perpetual Negative Cycle

Like many people, myself included, you’ve probably been searching for different diet and fitness solutions for a long time – I completely understand. I’ve been there sister, trying to lose the same damn 10 pounds over and over again? Talk about frustrating! Bursts of high-intensity exercise, followed by crazy restricted fad diets, swiftly followed by a “F!#$ this! SOMEONE JUST GIVE ME A DONUT!”

I’ve often found that incorporating diet and exercise consistently into one’s life is the far greater challenge when embarking on any diet and exercise program. We tend to be very “all or nothing” creatures, but this “all or nothing” approach – it just doesn’t work. I haven’t seen it work once within the 15 years of my career. All I’ve seen it do is create short term solutions, followed by long term disappointments.  ​There is only so much self-deprivation one can take.  Eventually, you will break and end up right back where you began. It’s a perpetual negative cycle and one that I hope to help you break.  This is why I’m excited that you found me. I want to help you! I want to help you feel and look your best!

But listen. I don’t want this online fitness program to take over your entire life so that you miss out on your LIFE! You’re human and it’s OKAY to deviate from the workout program. You don’t have to beat yourself up every time you fall off the wagon, you just have to get back on. Exercise is not a linear process. It just isn’t.

I love eating a nutritious diet and I strive to exercise 5 days per week – BUT, I also love a good beer and sometimes having pizza with my girlfriends is a PART of my personal wellness plan! ​ Let LYB pave the way towards a wellness program that works for you!

– Micaela Whitworth, Creator of Love Your Bod


Our 300+ online workouts have been divided into 13 unique programs, giving you a large variety of workouts and schedules. You can choose to follow our monthly schedules or for more experienced exercisers, you may decide to use our workouts to supplement your current exercise routine! When you join LYB you’ll gain access to ALL of our growing database of high-quality content including new weekly workouts, video exercise demos, full-length workout videos, meal plans, recipes, e-books and more!


The EATS Nourishment Program was designed for the active individual looking to make sustainable changes to their diet. It’s here that we provide you with structure and education to help you create lifelong nutritional habits. Within four weeks, you’ll see that with just a little planning, prep work, and creativity, you can eat a well-balanced diet without having to sacrifice too much time in the kitchen or the comfort foods that you love. All members receive this guide + our NEW LEAN 28-DAY Fat Loss Meal Plan Guide & The NEW VEGE 28-Day Plant-Based Guide!


LYB is not a quick-fix program. We are here to teach you lifelong sustainable fitness and nutrition habits and we’re going to help change your perception on how you feel about your body. Exercise is not a punishment for all of your weekend sins. It’s a celebration what your body can do. LYB will help you improve your physique but we’re also going to help improve your mindset by providing you with the resources you need to work on self-love and body appreciation.


The Juicy Details

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There is no time like the present, you deserve to feel better about yourself and to be supported by a community of like-minded women!

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Why LYB?

We’re not offering a quick-fix type of program – quick results often lead to fleeting results. LYB is meant to help you with changing your lifestyle long term. We don’t want you to give up the foods you love forever or burn yourself out with exercise. We want to help you build physical strength, teach you how to find sustainable nourishment, and above all, we want to bring back the FUN to your workouts and make you feel proud of what your body can do for you.

15 Years Experience

Micaela is a certified Master Trainer and Nutrition Coach, with over 16 years of experience in the fitness industry. She’s trained people from many walks of life. From top corporate CEOs to university students, surgeons, lawyers, bankers, military, and busy moms! Her programs reflect her experience of working with busy professionals who don’t have time programs that aren’t results-oriented.

No Fad Diets

We love food. Our recipes and meal plans are meant to be enjoyed. We don’t like to use the word “diet” as much as we like to use the word “nourishment”. Our goal is to provide you with the basic framework of how to eat healthily and show you how to make some go-to recipes that you can continue to rely on for quick and healthy nourishment. Nutrition sustainability is the key to long term results!

Fun Workouts

Our online workouts and exercises are creative, challenging, and varied. Our mission is to provide you with easy to follow workout plans that you can actually have FUN with. We currently offer 13 different programs that are ALL included in your membership + you’ll gain access to Micaela’s NEW collection of full-length workout videos. Workouts include circuits, HIIT, AMRAP, Boot Camp, & More!

Who Is This Program For?

LYB workouts are suitable for everyone! Adults of all fitness levels, shapes, genders, ages & sizes can benefit from the LYB workouts.  Although much of our content does place an emphasis on women’s health particularly, our program is awesome for all sexes. Essentially, if you are an adult human, LYB is for you!

Don't Just Take Our Word!

“I have trained with Micaela for four years and she has helped me to achieve more than I ever imagined I could. I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with such a dedicated and supportive trainer. Micaela sets the perfect example of what healthy, realistic fitness and nutrition should look like. She uses authentic methods of getting in shape and her positive approach to working out is truly inspirational. I left her gym after every session feeling stronger, accomplished, and proud of myself. Working with Micaela is the best decision I have ever made for myself and I am so excited to continue my fitness journey using her new LYB Program!” – Kate, Ontario Canada


Still not convinced??  Check out our testimonials page to hear from more members!

It's Time To Ditch The Fads for Good!

No more comparing yourself to others. No more body shaming yourself every time you look in the mirror. No more “all-or-nothing” approach to exercise and diet. We want to help you find a sustainable level of fitness in your life. Sure, you’re going to look great – that’s just one of the many positive benefits from exercise, but how you look is NOT our primary concern. Our motivation and what gets us excited every day is that we want you to FEEL GOOD. We live in a stressful society where our mental health is suffering and EXERCISE is a KEY component to mental health. What’s sad though, is that through shady fitness marketing tactics and you feeling like a failure from previous exercise experiences, is that we now fear the gym.  The gym can bring feelings of shame, guilt, failure, and weakness. This is not how exercise is supposed to make you feel!


We are here to change this, but it’s not going to be overnight. We want you to have long term adherence and success with fitness. This means, taking breaks when needed, being kind to yourself, and teaching you not to punish yourself with exercise for your forgivable indulgence sins. We care – we don’t want to help you with just another “quick-fix”, we don’t want you to have to yo-yo diet anymore. We want to teach you life-long healthy behavioral patterns and give you the tools you need to succeed long term.  Sign-up TODAY for just $12 a month!


Proper nutrition is vital. Feeding your body properly and ensuring you eat the right food in the right amounts will help you reach optimal health and make you feel good. You’ll not only shed excess body fat, but you’ll build lean muscle at a healthy rate too!


The LYB EATS Nourishment Program was designed for the active individual looking to make positive sustainable changes to their diet. It’s here that we provide you with structure and education to help you create lifelong nutritional habits. Within four weeks, you’ll see that with just a little planning, prep work, and creativity, you can eat a well-balanced diet without having to sacrifice too much time in the kitchen or the comfort foods that you love. Let’s be clear, you don’t NEED to follow this as a meal by meal program – feel free to simply use our guide for meal planning ideas, structure and guidance. We’ll show you how to create some quick, easy and deliciously healthy meals. For those of you looking for fat-loss, we gotcha covered too with our NEW 28-Day LEAN Meal Plan Guide! If you’re looking to eat more plant-based we have that too! Try our NEW 28-Day VEGE Plant-Based Meal Program! If you JUST want to purchase an e-book without becoming a member click here.

Meal Plan Guides Include:

28-Day EATS Nourishment Guide

  • 157-page high-quality printable e-book
  • 28 days of meal by meal programming
  • Delicious healthy whole food recipes
  • Grocery Lists
  • Meal Prep & Organizational Tips
  • Advice on making your own meal plan schedules
  • Advice on grocery budgets, eating at restaurants & More!
  • + Bonus 14-Day EATS for 2 Meal Plan Guide

+ You’ll also receive the NEW 28-Day LEAN Meal Plan Guide:

  • 150-page high-quality printable e-book
  • 28 days of meal by meal programming specific to fat-loss
  • Delicious healthy whole food recipes
  • Grocery Lists

+ the NEW 28-Day VEGE Meal Plan Guide:

  • 150-page high-quality printable e-book
  • 28 days of meal by meal programming
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes
  • Grocery Lists

We don’t want this to be just another diet that you go on and then fall off of. We believe that following a meal by meal program is unsustainable for most people long-term. The EATS guide is meant to teach you structure, organization, and give you access to healthy & quick, easy to make meal ideas. As a member, you will also enjoy our easy to use recipe database. You’ll notice that for almost all of our recipes that we include how to make each meal either 300, 400 or 500 calories so you can easily mix and match your meals while easily staying within your specified target calorie range without having to calculate your protein/carbs and fats each day. Sign-up TODAY!

“Over the year I had Micaela as a trainer, I had a recurring back injury that prevented me from doing common exercise motions.  Like bending forward (hooray to not doing crunches?!). Rather than being daunted by my limitations, Micaela actually enjoyed the challenge of modifying my workouts to things I would be able to do and that would speed my recovery and keep my progress moving forward.  That same adaptability and focus on appreciating what your body CAN do right now – and not getting bogged down on what you can’t do… (yet?) – is being carried over into the Love Your Bod workouts.  Being able to easily adapt the LYB workouts to what I can do today, with the equipment I have, keeps much of the benefit of working out with Micaela in person – the workout names even give a hint of her (slightly cheesy) sense of humor.” – Corntney, Ontario Canada

“Life shouldn’t be about weighing a certain weight. Do you look at your children, the love of your life or your best friend and think “if they only weighed 5 pounds less, I would love them more” – NO, of course not! That’d be ridiculous. So, stop looking in the mirror and saying those things to yourself. Enough is enough – You are more than enough!”

– Micaela Whitworth, Creator of Love Your Bod

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