Online Workouts?🤨 How it all began…

Micaela Whitworth ISSA Master Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Hi! My name is Micaela! I have been a personal trainer for over 16 years now and for over half of that time, I have wanted to create an online collection of my workout programs. I have gone over my theories and philosophies about exercise repeatedly in my own mind, but I always became stagnant with my progress as kept coming back to the same question over and over again that I just couldn’t answer. 

How can I create an online workout and nutrition program that would suit a large population of people that I haven’t met before when everyone is so different and there are just so many variables?

I don’t always train person A in the same way I train person B which is why it’s called “personal” training. When creating programs for my clients I factor in their work schedule, their personal injuries and goals, and their likes and dislikes. If they can only train twice a week, we work with that. If they have a pre-existing injury, I integrate their rehab into their program. For some people, we can get through 6 exercises within the hour, and with others, we can fit in 20 exercises. Some people need 2-minute rest breaks in-between exercises and some don’t need any. There are pear-shaped people, and apple-shaped people. Some need 2000 calories per day, and others need 1200 calories. Others want a 6 pack and some find their happiness no matter what their shape or size. Variables!  Many of them. 

Women All Have The Same Fitness & Body Goals? 🤨

Making a one-size-fits-all program would also mean that I am assuming that all women are looking to achieve the exact same body goals. While it’s true there are many common themes among women in terms of health and fitness goals, I don’t like the insinuation that these “beach body” or “bikini body” type of online workout programs are making through their marketing; that every woman’s prime fitness goal should be to look like a bikini model. While there is nothing wrong with having that as a goal, it’s being marketed as if this is a realistic expectation for everyone. It’s being marketed as something that’s achievable quickly and with minimal effort. Let me tell you, I’ve worked with plenty of bikini models in my time, and I have tried training like one too. Let me tell you – this is an EXTREMELY difficult way to live. It’s truly not a sustainable lifestyle for everyone. 

Not to mention, people who are emailing me requesting personal and online training are not just asking me to help them by providing them with healthy meal options and an exercise routine. What I have learned over the years is that people were coming to me for so much more. Merely just providing them with an exercise plan and diet wasn’t going to be enough. Client compliance with a diet and exercise program isn’t going to be the only key to long term success.

In many of the emails requests I get, people are talking to me about their depression … anxiety … failed relationships, their unfortunate upbringings, bullying, low self-esteem… times in their lives where things didn’t go according to plan.They aren’t just concerned about getting abs. It’s about doing something to better themselves, looking for ways to improve their mood and their confidence, and wanting to take charge of their lives and their bodies.

Woah – I really have my job cut out for me. Those are extremely high expectations from a diet and exercise program, and from ME!

We Are Being Sold a Lie – Women Need to be “Fixed”

Society and culture have told us that we all need to be “fixed” in some way.  It is deeply embedded into us that if we just have the “perfect body” or “6 pack abs”, or a “thigh gap” then everything else in our lives will be perfect.  We are bombarded hourly with images of supermodels and rich, famous celebrities, being told how great their lives are all the while being sold the unrealistic expectation that we can be just like them.  It’s everywhere!  From TV to movies, posters and music videos, even online workout programs, a large majority of the fitness industry has been glamourized and sexualized.  We’re being flooded with images of perfect fitness models with amazing bodies, constantly doing ab workouts, like somehow a few minutes a day doing sit-ups will get anyone abs 🤦‍♀️ This type of imagery is great for selling online workout & fitness programs, but it’s not so great for the mental well-being of the members signing up when they can’t seem to live up to the expectations that were sold to them.

We need to crush the belief system that has embedded into the minds of women in our generation that once we achieve our perfect weight/ body, everything else in our lives will be right.  It’s simply not true. The success of any one of these things, or even collectively, will not guarantee you a lifetime of happiness. I’ve seen it many times before with my clients and even with myself:  Finally getting into shape or losing weight, but still not being happy.

Nothing changes. You “fixed” the outside – and your life hasn’t magically all come together now.

“Show off your body they say and people will buy from you”.  What was I selling here though? I was far from happy myself in this photo. I had to give up so many other aspects of my life to look this way. Is this really what I want to sell people? A false sense of reality?  The reality of that girl above was that she was trying to fit in with the rest of the fitness world and at a cost that was too high. I don’t look like this ALL the time, so why would I only show images of myself looking this way. It just continues to feed that false sense of reality and expectations. 

Believe it or not – at the time, I still thought I was “fat” in the picture above! BAH – WHY WOULD I THINK THAT!? How did our thinking about ourselves become so skewed?!  A prime example of feeling like you’re never enough. I was a gosh darn BABE and I couldn’t see myself for what I was. I had NO body confidence. All I did was focus on my weight and my life was quickly passing me by. Exercise became punishment and food, my enemy. 

Improving your physique can indeed add to your level of happiness and confidence but no diet and exercise program has the power to make everything in your entire life better. There is a lot more to work on that just what you have going on on the outside. The science of happiness has been clear on this. 

What Should The Goal Really Be?

What if that pressure was taken off of us? What is it that you would really be looking for? For many of us, it’s happiness – and we try and cultivate it in any way we can. Sadly, there are many people in my industry who have been selling you a false sense of happiness by making you think that if you just do this online workout plan, or go on that trendy diet, you can achieve a hot body and then you too can indeed be happy.  We have been conditioned to tie the way we look to how happy we are, and that’s not healthy. As I said above. Your “perfect body” will not make you any happier than your current body. This is why we need to start learning to appreciate our bodies now, even before they change from your exercise efforts. Your imperfections are a part of you and it’s time to start loving every wonderful inch of yourself. Let go and break free from the idea that you’re “supposed” to look a certain way, or act a certain way. If you’re comfortable in your own skin and treat your body with love and respect then what else really matters? We need to stop seeing exercise as something we merely do as something for aesthetics reasons because that’s when it becomes a chore and we lose the point of it all. 

A Balanced Approach to Fitness

I believe in balance, not an all-or-nothing approach to fitness and healthy living. It’s not that I don’t want the hot bod, I do (to some extent),  but I also want to unapologetically have my cake and eat it too. I don’t believe in restricting yourself to a point where you are constantly feeling deprived. Some people see that as a sign of inner strength, control or willpower, but this can make the best of efforts fail because you can only deprive yourself for so long before you end up having “Snackccident”, devouring an entire cheesecake and going back to your old habits. I always thought that if I had a great body then all would be right in my world. Well, it’s just not that simple. And you can get there and then life will throw you a curve-ball anyway… A parent dies, you get divorced, you lose your job… That hot body won’t be your primary concern anymore and you may even lose it in the process.

You WILL Have Lifelong Results

Don’t get me wrong, I AM here to help you look and feel your best, but I don’t want you to solely focus your entire self-worth on what the scale is telling you. I want YOU to decide what looking and feeling YOUR best is to YOU, don’t let someone else tell you that, or let your feelings of self-worth be regulated by today’s impossible beauty standards. When I personally FEEL my best is when I’m spending time with the people who make me laugh the most and I am no longer aware of what my body looks like. God only knows how many times I personally have looked in the mirror and been shameful of things that I cannot control. Constantly comparing myself to other fitness trainers online, or celebrities who are posting nothing but gym mirror selfies or butt photos. I’ve often thought to myself, I can’t succeed in this industry unless I too show my ass, workout in my sports bra, have a 6-pack at all times and hide my stretch marks. How twisted is that?

It’s ridiculous. I HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER YOU! Showing my butt online over and over again isn’t going to help you achieve your fitness goals. My online workout program WILL, but no honey, not my butt -which is why you won’t be seeing it!🍑

A Sustainable Diet & Exercise Program

I want to help YOU achieve a lifetime of health and happiness through self-love and a sustainable diet and exercise program… And here’s the big thing – I DON’T want you to look like me. I want you to look like YOU!  I want you to be HAPPY just being you. The Love Your Bod Program won’t make you look like me, and I want that to be clear. As much as this may work for marketing purposes, its misleading and I don’t intend to mislead you in any way. WIll you have visible results? Absolutely! You’re going to gain strength, definition and likely lose some excess body fat in the process – this is an online workout and healthy eating program after all.  I want to show you that “fit” can look many different ways. This is why I use MANY other women in my video exercise examples too. Real clients and women just like YOU who I was so fortunate to have help me create these online workouts.  There is no one-size-fits-all FIT with LYB. Fit people come in lots of different shapes and sizes – fit people even have cellulite, and stretch marks too! Who knew!? 🤷‍♀️

🙋‍♀️This gal did because she has them too and I have no intention of hiding them! As we move forward with LYB we plan to continue to show as much body diversity as we can within our exercise videos, advertisements, and social media platforms. We want everyone to feel represented and we want to help create body normalcy. The more regular bodies we are exposed to the better! 

 Best Personal Trainers 2019

The thing with diet and exercise is that there isn’t one set way of going about it. If there was a scientific formula that worked for everyone, we would all know it by now and we wouldn’t constantly hear conflicting information from diet and fitness experts. This is where I come in. It’s my job to sift through this information and figure out what can work best for the individual. 

Nutrition & Fitness Can Be Confusing

Yes, there is SOME information on both diet and exercise that is pretty damn concrete. 

  • Being a couch potato = bad 
  • Physical activity = good
  • Salty, high fat, empty calorie potato chips = bad (but delicious!!)
  • Drinking water = good  

But, how much water should we drink? Should we be drinking filtered water or is plain tap water okay? What about juicing, is that good? But isn’t juice high in sugar and therefore bad? Speaking of sugar, what about using a sugar substitute, they’re less calories but there are some studies that suggest it may increase your appetite? What about fiber to control appetite? Or is that more so based on your gut bacteria? I’ve been reading a lot about probiotics, should I just eat more yogurt? But what if I’m lactose intolerant, maybe not? And what about gluten???? WHAT ABOUT GLUTEN??? 

Where do you even begin?

Seriously, we are on information/ misinformation overload and it can be tough to figure out just what the heck we should be eating and how we should be exercising. 

So with all of the above in mind, I decided that the best way that I can help as many people as possible is to give 16 years’ worth of my BEST workouts and BEST fitness programs right at your fingertips by offering my workout programs on-demand online

For 3 years now I have sweat over this project and I’m giving it all away to you for less than the cost of 1 personal training session with me!

When you join you will gain instant access to 100’s of online workouts, exercises, meal plan guides, recipes, and e-books. Every week I’ll be adding new content: new workout plans, new full-length workout videos, new recipes, and new exercises! No matter what your goals are, we have something for EVERYONE! PLUS – you get access to ME when you join our Facebook community group. I am here to help coach you and answer all of your health, fitness & nutrition questions!

You Deserve Better!

Now, I’m not just going to leave you to your own accord. I mean, you could go ahead and skip all the reading and go straight to the workouts. If you’re consistent enough and work hard you’ll see GREAT results! That being said, the more you know, the better long term results you will have. We want to teach you what we know so that you have the skills to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle long term.

It’s more often than not that many people have tried more than a dozen other fitness & diet programs. A DOZEN! Sadly, however, many people don’t seem to know what to do after they complete these programs. They end up becoming a bit lost then move on to the next trendy diet and exercise program. The cycle then just continues to repeat itself.

If you really want long-lasting results you have to actually take the time to learn about exercise and nutrition. While we don’t expect you to follow our programs forever (although you might!😁) – We do expect that the knowledge that we share with you will continue to serve you throughout your lifetime. You may decide at some point that you want to take up kickboxing, or yoga or dance classes – That’s ALL good. We’re advocates for ALL types of fitness. The point is that you just need to stay active and we’re here to help guide you on how to best do that. 

So let’s get down to business, don’t wait until Monday to start making positive sustainable changes to your life. There is no other time than the present. You deserve to feel better about you today – Let us help you! Let us bring joy back to exercise again!

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“Don’t miss out on 95% of your life just to weigh 5% less.”

– Micaela Whitworth

Awards, Qualifications and Media

Experience, Awards & Nominations

  • Over 20,000 Hours of Exercise Instruction
  • Over 15 years of Personal Training & Group Fitness
  • Previous Training Director at The Mansfield Club Montreal
  • Previous Trainer at the Toronto Athletic Club
  • 2012 Notable award Winner for Notable Young professional in fitness
  • 2019’s Winner of BEST LIFESTYLE & FITNESS Support Service – GTA (Global Health & Pharma)
  • 2015 Notable nominee for young professional sports and fitness
  • Nominated for JCCM Arista award for young professional 2012
  • Best in Edmonton 2020 for Edmonton’s Best Personal Trainers
  • Nominated Best Canadian Personal Trainers Impact Magazine 2020


  • ISSA Certified Master Fitness Trainer & ISSA Fitness Nutrition
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist, & ISSA Sports Nutrition
  • ISSA Bodybuilding & Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Certified Lifestyle Wellness Coach
  • Medical Exercise Specialist
  • Practical Yoga Specialist
  • HK Applied Health & Fitness Psychology
  • HK Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design
  • Functional Movement Specialist
  • Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor


  • Global TV Fitness Expert (34 Episodes)
  • CKWS W’s Daily Show Fitness Expert Guest
  • Kingston Whig-Standard Expert Nutritionist Columnist (18 Publications)
  • En Sante Magazine Expert Fitness Author (10 Publications)
  • Cover Model for Running Attitude Magazine France
  • Guest on CFRC 101.9 Radio
  • Ezine Published Articles
  • Miss Universe Canada Contestant 2003