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Try Our Sample Workouts!

Here are 7 FREE Workouts!

Here are 7 FREE  sample workouts for you to try from each of our programs.  Members have access to all of the programs, not just 1, so you can try them all out and find what fits for you!

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LYB Move Gif - Crossover Squat to Squat Online Workouts

Designed to build your exercise knowledge and foundational strength – Level: Beginner

Click Here to try the Gym & Tone It workout from this plan


Online Workouts - LYB Play - Single Leg Ball Tuck

Designed for people who love fast-paced, high-intensity workouts Level: All Levels

Click Here to try the Nama Slay workout from this plan.


Online Workouts - LYB Lift Gym Workouts for Women

Designed to help you become stronger and more confident within a gym setting – Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Click Here to try the Oh My Quads Becky workout from this plan.


Lyb WORK Online Workouts Advanced

Designed for the seasoned exerciser who is looking for new and creative ways to challenge their body –Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Click Here to try the Very Cheeky workout from this plan.


LYB Home - Online Workouts for Women at Home No Equipment

Designed for people who want to rock out their workouts in the comfort of their own home – Level: Intermediate

Click Here to try The Nama Slay at Home workout from this plan.

LYB PACE (Learn to run)

LYB Pace - Learn to Run Online Workouts

Designed as a starter program for those who want to learn to run –  Level: Intermediate

Click Here to try the Running Harder Than Mascara workout from this plan.


LYB FAST - 20 Minute Fi

Designed  for busy people who are looking for quick home workouts with minimal equipment – Level: Intermediate

Click Here to try SAVAGE AF workout from this plan

Still, have questions about our workouts? Click Here for a more detailed blog post that is sure to answer all of your questions about our workouts 🙂

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