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Sweaty Betty – 40 Minute Full Body Strength Home Workout

The Sweaty Betty Home Strength Workout

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Sweaty Betty is a home strength workout. It’s a full-body circuit training workout from the 12-week Love Your Bod PLAY program. THIS, is its sister home variation, for the days where you just can’t make it to the gym! Yes, we made a home version that requires less equipment!

It’s time to get in shape from the comfort of your own home! Remember, if you’re looking for a weight loss fitness program, the combination of NUTRITION, cardio and exercise consistency will be the key to reaching your fitness goals.

Side Lunge with Dumbbell Front Raise Exercise - home strength workout


Complete one set of each exercise inside this giant 10 exercise circuit before moving on to the next.  Once you reach the end, hit pause for a minute and then continue when you’re ready.  You’ll be repeating this circuit 3 times.

If you are finding the workout to be too difficult, decrease your work time to 45 seconds per exercise and work your way up to the full 60 seconds as you progress each week. Alternatively, you can just start with 2 circuits instead!

If you’re finding that it’s too easy, grab onto a heavier pair of weights for the exercises that you can!

Crossover Lunge Exercise - home strength workout


Perform this home workout on non-consecutive days 3 times per week or fit it into your current exercise routine to spice things up!

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Jump Rope, Bench or Chair, Loop Bands & Kettlebell (Optional*)

full-body home workout - Kettlebell Swings

Did you know that LYB always has a Home version of all of their workout programs? In life, you always need a back-up plan and in order to create exercise sustainability, you should become more flexible and fluid with your workouts.

It’s OKAY to deviate from your scheduled workout program – Missing one of your workouts and replacing it with something else is still one step forward in the right direction. If you’re not a member yet, please join us so that you can enjoy all the other PLAY programs AND enjoy all of our member benefits.

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Items we used for this workout:


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