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The Ultimate Butt Workout Program

Butt Workout | The Ultimate Butt Workout Program | Gym Workout | Sculpt & Strengthen Your Butt

The Ultimate Butt Workout Program

By: Micaela Whitworth, Certified Master Fitness Trainer | August 04, 2020


Want a rounder & firmer backside?

While many people decide to focus on exercising their glutes for aesthetic reasons, building your butt hosts a wide number of benefits than you may not even know.

Having strong glutes can help improve your posture, boost your athletic performance, and even improve your back pain.

For most of us, our glutes tend to be on the weaker side from sitting on them all day. They become somewhat lazy and underactive. 

You may have already been trying to work on them, but haven’t been seeing the results you had hoped for. This could be because you haven’t been able to properly activate them, thus they have stayed on the weaker side despite all of your lunges & squats.

The missing ingredients for most people for achieving a well rounded and strong butt are proper activation, hitting the glutes from all angles, volume, & using heavier weights.

I’m so happy you found us because we have the ultimate 12-week booty building program for you right here.

👆 The LYB 12-Week BUTT program includes booty building exercises like this |  All included when you join LYB


In order to see the best results from your glute training – you want to be hitting your glutes hard between 2-3x per week. With the Love Your Butt 12-Week BUTT Program, you’ll be hitting them with 3 different glute specific workouts per week + we’re giving you two upper body specific days in order to keep your upper body as strong and toned as your lower half.


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LYB BUTT workouts are best completed within a gym setting as you’ll need a large variety of weights, cable equipment, and machines.

Don’t worry though if you can’t always make it to the gym. For every workout with Love Your Bod, we have a Home variation that requires less equipment, making all our programs adaptable to exercising from home.

Some of the equipment that you’ll encounter are resistance bands, stability ball, loop band, barbells, kettlebells, & more.

Keeping in mind that all gyms have different equipment – we have exercise substitutions for every exercise in the event that your gym doesn’t have a piece of equipment needed.


If you are training your glutes the LYB way you WILL see the results you are looking for. Stronger, firmer, & more sculpted glutes. That’s just the aesthetic part though! With a stronger backside, you’ll be able to run faster, have better posture, and your back overall should feel stronger which leads to less chronic back pain caused by sitting. 

Want to Try a LYB BUTT Workout?

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By: Micaela Whitworth, Certified Master Trainer & Fitness Nutritionist